Last one out please turn the lights off

So as of last night the Commander of the 82nd was the last US Servicemember to step off Afghan soil. Two decades, our country’s longest war.

This month while not fully over has been hard on all Veterans. I know I have lost sleep, been angry, and cried inside. I also have to tend with other memories of wars long past. This month 31 years ago we started our first foray into Iraq. Our unit had forward deployed assets to Honduras and we self deployed back to Ft Campbell, Ky. Less than a month later our mission became Desert Storm.

Remember!!!!! You are not alone. Don’t let the demons inside win. Lets crush those 22 a month. Talk to a fellow veteran, call the damn VA hotline, don’t quit I am here if you want to talk.

9/11 Memorial Event

If you live near Bowling Green, Ky, there is a 9/11 Memorial event on Tuesday 08, September 2021.

Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost, Year B, 29 August 2021

Today’s readings from our Bishop. I find the readings and the dismissal of US Marine Corps Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller in parallel. The mentality of do as I say not as I do like with the National leadership and the Jewish Pharisees.

TN State Guard Volunteers, supporting Flood and disaster relief.

Over 40 of my fellow TNSG members are currently volunteering to support the flood relief efforts in Middle Tennessee from this past weekends rains. As a veteran you can find so many volunteer opportunities to support your community and maintain that sense of belonging and wearing a uniform. Volunteer help YOUR community and fellow Veterans.

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A good beginning

While I’m a retired/disabled veteran and do recieve care from the VA I will give them kudos for putting this series on their blog. They dated the series at the start of August which i find ironic with the cluster f%%%% occurring in the past two weeks.

Afghanistan: How Veterans can reconcile service