Sometimes a crack ain’t so bad.

1977 a boy asks his dad to take him to a cub scout recruit meeting. Well, of course the old man doesn’t show up. Just another brick in the wall for that boy. Obviously, by now you know I’m that boy. Now a tale that I had always been ashamed of telling. I am originally from Georgia, a really poor part of Georgia. Made even bleaker by a father who went through wives like water and squandered his money on chasing those pursuits. I know what it’s like to go to bed hungry in a dark electric less trailer. My biological mother passed away when i was 10. The woman he married after her death tried her best to make it a home, but hey we know where it went. They divorced and i couldn’t deal with the latest shack up so i stayed with the ex-stepmother. Hey it was a roof over my head and it being my last year of High School it was all good. Well, she ran off with an ex-convict LOL, reminds ya of that Hee Haw song about if there was no bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Well, I had no place to go so i had to quit school and had that same father sign for me to join the Army. The only thing and likely the best thing that he ever did for me. Fast forward three decades later, multiple wars, two graduate degrees, a roof over my head and always capable of caring for my family. Thos experiences hardened me almost to the point of stone.

Yesterday, that same old man who was my father breathed his last breath on this planet. I am preparing to close that open wound from so long ago. What he did still hurts but i have become older, wiser, and hopefully a better person.

Bottom line i spent almost my entire life in service to this country. The Army is/was my family. It gave me three hots and a cot and the desire to be all i can be. All of you veterans, whether male or female or whatever color you will ALWAYS be my family of Brothers and SIsters. Never be ashamed of where we came from. We are what made this nation great. Remember i am always here if you need an ear to hear or just want to shoot the shit. One Nation One Family.

Strength and Honor/ Domino Mother Fxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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