Thoughts of times gone by.

Eight days till the event that changed most of the current veterans lives. Where were you when the towers were hit? It was a muggy Tuesday i had just showered and had my uniform on sitting in the living room chair putting on my boots. Like every morning I had the news on( what intelligence professional doesn’t have some form of open source news on). I watched in horror as the first then the second plane hit. I didn’t know it yet but Ft Campbell had already gone into a lockdown, I lived in on-post housing. I finished lacing up my boots and hauled ass to the office. I was the first in and started by starting all of our computers. Guys came in with haste. To say the day was a blur would be an understatement. It was a very long day at work.

Anyway todays picture kind of sums up what I think about the whole “thank you for your service” remark. After multiple combat deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq I had become bitter and remorse. These wars were fought by a select few. Unlike World War II and the greatest generation there was no shared sacrifice. I know, I know just get to the point. BLUF all of you Veterans are a special few who will always share a Brotherhood and Sisterhood with each other. You know what another veteran feels and thinks, YOU have had the same. Remember to reach out to your fellow veterans in the next few weeks, stay engaged. I know the past month has been a shit storm and rough on us all. We all got this!!!!!!!

Strength and Honor, Domino M***** F*****

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